Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy Music Collaborations

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Join us on the  , where we dance and sing with all the world that songs

We bless the sacred nine directions in You!
Welcome home to the Dawning, the age of Heaven and Earth!
Relatives, we missed you, now it's time to be true!

Relatives of the World,
Thank you for visiting!  
Your devoted servants, 

"I Am A Sun Dance"

Welcome to Music Collaborations with
Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

Enjoy the Collaborations we have done so far!

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ALightfromWithin.Org Presents
Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy
"I Am A Sun Dance"

From a Seed this page will grow,

into a gift for the whole wide world to glow,

our Planted Earth we sow!

Relative Musicians,

Help us cultivate the sound soil here! We welcome all musicians who wish to gift their talents freely. 

Email [email protected] and ask how to contribute your musical talents to
I Am A Sun Dance!

Roar of the Buffalo Horn

Golden person, the call of brotherhood
Rainbow Warrior of Prophecy